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My first knowledge of wardog was about 4 months ago when I was starting GreN and I had arranged a friendly with DRACO and our good friend Ajiya. Also we have known other players in DRACO since the beginning and always felt a special bond with DRACO because of it.

I was also trying for a similar friendly with DRACOII and didn't realise that kingdong was one of wardog's many alt accounts (something he doesn't like others having - it seems there is one rule for others and one rule for him). He mentioned that he wouldn't give a friendly to GreN because we had no such thing with DRACO, and I said in a friendly way "lol, well your information isn't correct, because DRACO is friendly with us" to which he replied that it wasn't and I needed to watch my tone because I didn't know who he was and it was disrespectful !!!

He then discovered that we had indeed a friendly with DRACO and proceeded to change it to neutral, and let me know about it, to which I said I was happy with that because I had been told that only the other DRAGON alliances were neutral with DRACO, and it helped us more that way. Because I had mentioned it to Ajiya, he changed it back to friendly for us, and then wardog again changed it to neutral (which, as I said we actually prefer as i means that you are more able to help).

So... to today's events:

this is Lord Daliboy attacking (what was) a GreN member. Our VH,seeing he was a noob, then told him to stop and invited him to alliance which he accepted. We then booted the inactive player he had tried to colonize, originally to give to him as a welcome for joining us and complying with our wishes.

However, before we could give it to him, he attacked one of our own alliance players in GreN2  (we also keep our brother chapters neutral). So we withheld the inactive city from him and warned him that he was no longer allowed to attack any players until he had learned more from his assigned mentor.

To which Lord Daliboy then started attacking valleys, and made yet another mistake by attacking valleys owned by DRAGON mems. And when wardog then turned hostile we seriously thought for a moment that Lord Daliboy was a plant because he'd caused so much trouble for us already, but then realised that couldn't be he case, coz he would never have known that we would have invited him to alliance after he attacked one of our mems.

However, this was the excuse that wardog needed to go hostile against GreN, and in particular me, I assume because of the original perceived slight, since I have not had any discussions with him since. And this is further shown by the fact that a friendly player within DRACO reported that he was hitting GreN because of a valley and because he was "bored".

My first mail to him: (note time is localised to AEST for me - but you can track the minutes for chronology)


Rumour has it that you have declared against GreN because of valleys?
If so we will obviously rectify it.
Please be aware that this is hostile behaviour considering that DRACO players have taken valleys from us in the past & we have approached DRACO first *WITHOUT* retaliation and resolved it peacefully. And given that we are a training alliance with a bunch of noobs, it is to be expected that someone will make a mistake with a valley sometime.
Pls let us know how many & what type

After hearing nothing from wardog, and discovering and discussing all of the above about Lord Daliboy, I then sent this mail to wardog


i think we have found the culprit, and are dealing with him now (noob, can't spk or read english too well) if u provide details of who hit your valley we can double check.

however, i still think that going hostile over a valley, from a hit obviously from a small player who inexperienced is serious overkill. what would you think if we went hostile simply because a DRACO player took our valleys? and it has happened.


In the meantime Dupi, a previous GreN mem and friend asked:


What's happening? We are in war witg Gren and Gren2 cuz someone took Dragon valleys?


and I replied:


DRACO has taken our valleys and we spoke with them about it
but wardog just went hostile. i'm just waiting for aji and tbyrd to get back on, coz they'll take care of it


to which Dupi added a bit later:


Yea looks like he just waited for that...


Dushan, another ex-Gren mem mailed me this:


[Alliance]<19:33>[Dupi]: and there wasn't any diplomatic way to solve this? people in GreN were and still are very reasonable why it's come to taking others valleys and cities
[Alliance]<19:33>[Dupi]: and we sure have lots of enemies beside GreN to fight with
[Alliance]<19:36>[wardog1]: lol looking through WR i dont see you fighting any enemies atall dupi




i would expect that

this is a war game you dont like war find another game


I also sent this mail to Aslanian (for all I know he may be yet another wardog alt) complaining of the breach of the peace for no real perceived reason.


Hi Aslanian
GreN is a neutral & apolitical training alliance supported by many alliances & players on all1. we quickly make strong active players. we help alliances train their mems & allow players to move to bigger alliances.

wardog has used DRACO, a close & friendly alliance with GreN, to go hostile, simply becoz a noob mem has taken a valley. we have suffered the same from players in DRACO, but we talk & sort it out.
I suspect that wardog went behind Aji & Tyrd's backs.




no other big players pick on smaller players, nor do they go hostile if a noob makes an obvious mistake.




i have no interest in colonizing small players only those of you over knight title and over 1 mil pres




well the big players I know fight other big players, but don't pick on smaller players without a good reason. i'll see what some of them have to say. and DRACO are friendly with us for a reason. if it was a DRAGON valley then why are you using DRACO?


To which he then set DRACOII as hostile as well and said:


there you go DRACOII are a training ally also


and I guess he believes that Dupi and Dushan are one and the same and that they have alts in GreN, which is a bit strange since you think they'd talk to me through the alts and not by mail if that was the case.


dupi/dushan can join you again :)


So thats when I sent you and Ajiya the same message:


wardog has gone hostile with GreN and GreN2 using draco & dracoII. he's told me he has booted two DRACO members telling me that they are one member that they/he should come back to GreN and he's threatening any players over 1mil pres.
what is going on? this guy is losing grip with reality. does he really want GreN to stop being nuetral, to start taking sides against DRACO and DRAGON? what is his problem?







GreN Alliances

GreN is an Evony Age II training alliance for the all1 server. We benefit all alliances through our open approach to growing new players for the all1 server.

Our aim is to provide a sanctuary for new players, providing hands-on training and resources to help them grow into strong active players... something sorely needed by the all1 server.

We are apolitical and neutral - As an alliance, we do not get into alliance wars, or vote for governors.

Our members may move up to any alliance with our blessing. We are happy that players find mentors and spread their wings and don't stand in the way of that. We remain friendly with them and our focus is the development of players.


Code of Conduct

  • Our members must live by this code of conduct to remain in GreN.
  • We look for players who want to enjoy a very chatty & social, fun and helpful alliance. People who are argumentative, offensive or hassle other players are given warnings, and then asked to leave.
  • We attack only non-active players, except in the case of a defensive engagement.
  • In general we stay away from any alliance players.
  • We do NOT pick on active little guys, and likewise we expect big players and big alliances to leave us alone.
  • We NEVER take prior-owned valleys. If any of our members do this knowingly this will usually result in their immediate expulsion.
  • We expect members to listen to, and obey, any request by Officers. As in all things, the Host and VHs have the final say in things.


Alliance Ranks and Advancement

We are not like other alliances. The key positions within our alliance are held by trusted, experienced and knowledgeable members who know they are expected to perform. Our official positions can be lost through inactivity, not carrying out the responsibilities, or any breach of the code of conduct.

In that way, our members know that they can trust the officials for correct assistance, for wise counsel and for clear direction, which is in their best interests.

Official positions are handed out based on the following criteria: regular meaningful assistance of alliance members, and loyalty toward the alliance, by people we know through time and experience that we can trust.

Please do not ask for an official position - that will avoid embarrassment when we decline it. If you have to ask then you are probably too green, too inexperienced or not knowledgeable enough, or lack the maturity for the responsibilities that come with each position. Our alliance members are expected to be able to enforce the code of conduct shown above, have the knowledge and experience to train other members, and are trusted with the inner workings of the alliance so they can better carry out their duties.

Our members may move up to any alliance with our blessing. We are happy that players find mentors and spread their wings and don't stand in the way of that. We remain friendly with them and our focus is the development of players.

These guidelines are not in place to exclude people, but rather to ensure a level of managerial quality that ensures the proper building of our great alliance.

We welcome anyone who has a desire to achieve such a position, to earn it through learning, and through selfless dedication to others.




Recently there have been instances of other alliances trying to poach members from GreN.

While it is true that we are an open alliance, allowing people to freely leave, we do NOT allow any sort of poaching to take place in the GreN alliances.

If you are approached or hear of someone being approached please let SirRobin or your GreN alliance host know immediately.

Be warned: if anyone offers you a position or resources, or threatens to attack you unless you leave, please ignore them. Even if they do make good on their promises (often the promises never materialise or you have to jump through ever more hoops to get the offered reward) you will be giving up access to free resources in GreN, some of the best growth training on the all1 server, and a strong safe and reliable alliance. And as for attacks on individual members by other alliances - either we solve those through diplomacy or if it's an aggressive player we take them out.

For anyone considering poaching from GreN thinking that we can't defend our selves, we don't make threats but don't be fooled, we are not limited by the accounts that are in GreN.

Moving to another alliance can be disastrous. Be aware that a bigger alliance does not necessarily mean a safe alliance - many of the bigger alliances are constantly at war, and as such the smaller members of big alliances are free game for any opposition who will always be bigger than you are.



Featured Evony Member

SirRobin, Founder & Host


Location: Central Coast, Australia
Age: 47
Games: WOW, PS2/3: StarWars Battlefront, NFS Undercover
Hobbies: football (soccer); guitar; scuba diving
Occupation: Web marketer/developer
Philosophy: know what you believe and why, and stand up for it


Why do I play Evony?

It combines element of Age of Empires building, chess-like strategy, and most importantly, a strong social side to gaming that you don't find in many online games.


Where do you want to reach in the game?

Well, I've sort of achieved a lot of what I wanted already... playing a part of the game, and being a member of a good alliance and making some friends. I guess I'd still like to become an established big player, but don't really have any grandiose plans, since I enjoy learning, building and training more than taking down other players.



500k Gold BONUS

To receive the 500k Gold bonus:

  1. - register with the GreN evolliance portal
  2. - mail sirlargos to be activated
  3. - register with this website (click register above)
  4. - you should be automatically activated (if not mail SirRobin, Vice or Ulbrich to be activated)
  5. - log onto the GreN evolliance portal at and say hi to an admin (SirRobin, Lord Vice, sirlargos, sims)

NOTE: The challenge starts on the 18th August. Each day the amount of gold you receive drops by 50k until it reaches 250k. Anytime after that you can ask for the 250k gold bonus from your host. So register today!


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