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Prices Ranges:

  Usual Range Entire Range
Lumber: 3.5-6.5 2.5-20
Iron: 2.5-5.5 1.1-7.5
Food: 6.5-14.5 0.26-19.9
Stone: 0.008-0.05 0.0001-1.00 (1000% range)

As in life, times of war and upheaval the market ranges change. Use these times to buy or sell the extremes.

Learn to trade the market for profit with excess resources.



Honor is rewarded based on your casualties versus your enemies casualties. Typically, winning means that you have a lower casualty rate then your opponent, although there are exceptions.

Eg. If you attack a city with a 10K archer and 100 Cavalry army and fight 1000 Abatis, your horses (because only horses can fight abatis) you will lose considerably more troops then your opponent - hence the loss of honor.

Honor is BAD. The higher the honor the fewer injured troops will heal and revive after battle. If you have low or zero honor against a high honor foe you can achieve a “heal rate” of as much as 50% of your troops at the medic station, whereas he may only get to heal 10% of his. In battle, this can make a telling difference.



Officer: Can invite people, and Accept/Cancel applications.

Presbyter: Same as Officer, but can Expel people from alliance & can also Promote/Demote all people except the Host within the alliance.

Vice Host: Same as Presbyterian, but can Declare war or Friendly status with other Alliances and can send Group Messages.

Host: Has all power for alliance actions




Here are some tips I found interesting. Following these tips can greatly boost up your prestige generation rates.

1. The lower the Town Hall the higher the prestige for each activity.

2. Award your mayor "wealth of the nation". Once the mayor of your main city reaches 80 or above in politics award him the "Wealth of the Nation" . This reward boost the politics of the mayor by 25% for 7 days, which greatly reduce the building time. I don't suggest using it below 80 , as the percentage increase will not be very good. For example if your mayor is 50 politics, the "wealth of the nation" will increase it by 10 only. Go to feasting hall, click the "view" in the mayor row, click reward, select "Wealth of the Nation" from the rewards list.

3. Build and research in multiple cities. You can build and also research in all the cities at the same time. This will generate prestige very rapidly.

3. Keep Academy levels in both the city same. If you keep the academy level in all the cities same then research made in one city will be shared by the other cities also. If you have a level 6 academy in the primary city and have done some construction research, and the academy of the second city is level 2 only , then the second city will not get the benefits of of the higher levels of research already in the other academy.

4. Keep your tax rate below 50 and compensate loyalty with comforting. While you can earn a great amount of gold by keeping your tax rate above or equal to 50%, keeping tax rates high will decrease the loyalty (100% tax rate = 0 loyalty), so increase loyalty regularly (about 12 min. interval) by applying "disaster relief" comforting. Every time you do disaster relief it will consume some food based on your current population and boost the loyalty by 5. Most people advise keeping tax rates at 50%, but I have seen things go pretty well even with 60-70%, if you can do the comforting regularly. be careful that you are doing comforting and tax change in the same city. Just remember, change the tax rate back to 20% or less when you are going to be offline. Go to Overview to change Tax rate change and comforting .

5. Use the market. Use the market to sell the excess resource. This can be quite useful for generating gold very quickly to purchase the resources you need or trade the market for profit.

6. Do farming. While lumber is the most essential resource for creating troops, you'll find on the all1 server that food is consistently the most expensive resources relative to the others. So apart from 1 of each of the others (for research) create all farms to get more gold by selling food in the market. It's obvious really - for every hour of production you are losing gold when you are using a resources spot for something else. Also, as you train more troops, you will need significant food resources to cover your troop upkeep.

Also, you should farm one thing and concentrate the valleys relative to that thing - in the case of farms it is Lakes which give the highest buff (not swamps), and that leverages the resources production up to 350% for 10 lvl10 lakes.

7. Switch heroes before training troops or doing research. A mayor with high politics reduces the building time and increases resource production, whereas a hero with high intelligence reduce the research time, and a mayor with high attack reduces troop training time. So switch mayor to the appropriate hero before starting research or training troops and then immediately return it back to the high politics hero again.

8. Focus on researching Construction to the highest level possible as soon as possible, as this significantly reduces building times. And plan your long builds for overnight - start the town hall upgrades and wall upgrades before you go to sleep. Town hall and wall upgrades are the most lengthy upgrades. If you start it before you are going to sleep or some other lengthy absence , it continue to work (and generate prestige) even when you are offline. Also this applies to your lengthy research - plan it well.

9. Only attack cities with red flag upon them or inactive players, preferably with no alliance. Before attacking a city you
check if it has an alliance and also monitor the prestige of any players with some prestige (ie 20k+) to see if their prestige is increasing, which shows they are active. If so, mail them and invite them to join the alliance. If they refuse, leave them be. However if they don't reply and prestige doesn't increase then you may colonize the city (scout it first to ensure that you can conquer it).

If it belongs to an enemy alliance then it will have a red flag upon it and you should attack it (scout it first to see if you can conquer it). If it does not have a red flag and belongs to another alliance, check the strength of that alliance, and check with you Host or VH to know if you can attack it. Don't be fooled, plyers are in alliances so they can rely on friends who are much more stronger than you. If you attack and plunder it, his stronger friends may come after you. Much worse, the whole alliance may become enemy of your alliance. If you do not abide by the Code of Conduct laid out by the Host, you may be expelled and handed over to the alliance you attacked.

10. Use up all your resources when you are going to be offline for some time. If you have accumulated a lot of resources and going to be offline for long time then it is better to start an upgrade or research which consumes a lot of resource or to give them to some ally member. Enemy players will be less interested to attack you as they will see that they won't plunder much resource from you, and also the time consuming researches will be completed.

11. While creating troops keep in mind that you will have to produce enough food for them to eat.

12. Your troops eat double the food while they are out of town. After you have conquered a valley recall your troops as they eat double the amount of food. To recall your troops go to "reports", then "army movements" tab. Here you will see all the troops that are out of town. Click view and then recall the army. Or if you know which you sent with your troops you can recall the hero (and the accompanying troops) through the Feasting Hall.

15. Research compass to increase the speed of your troops. Every compass research increase the speed of your troops by 10%. If you have level 10 compass then your scouts can even bypass the enemy archer towers without getting hit.

16. Upgrade your rally points and feasting halls. Upgrading the rally point lets you send more number of groups of army at a time. you can attack/scout 3
cities at a time with a level 3 rally spot. Similarly , with higher level feasting halls you can recruit many heroes to lead many assaults simultaneously.

17. Attack many small valleys at a time. In recent servers medal hunting is becoming much more difficult. Valleys are dropping medals even in 1% ratio, so you have to attack many valleys to get medals. With higher level rally points and feasting halls you can attack many valleys at the same time and get medals more quickly (level of valley does not matter).

18. Do not send too many troops to the valleys. sending too many troops to the valleys will quickly end the resistance of the defenders, thus lower the chance of the medal drops. The more rounds the fights last more chances that you will get medals from that valley.

19. Calculate how many troops you have to send by using exercise tool of the rally point. In rally point you can simulate the war between two types of troops. Go to rally point then exercise. Then set 200 swordsman in the left side(attacker) and 200 archer in the right side(defender). Click ok. In the bottom it will show which side has won. This way, you can calculate how much troops you have to send against the enemy . Send about twice the calculated amount as the level of the hero is also a deciding factor and you are an attacker.

20. Send your troops in combination to avoid casualty. It is always better to send more than 1 types of unit into battle. For example, 200 swordsman will defeat 160 (level 6) , but 200 swordsman will be easily defeated with 120 archers, 1 worker, 1 warrior,1 pikeman with casualty of 22 archers. Amazing.

21. Calculate the food consumed by the troops while attacking. When you are selecting the amount of troops you are going to send for an attack, check the food consumed by the troops at the lower left part of the "march" screen. This is the food carried/consumed by the troops on march. This can be an huge amount when they are going for a very distant battle. So carefully check if the march costs you more food than you already have in your stock.

22. "Truce Agreement" gives you 12 hours peace of mind. If you have been plundered by your enemy and think that you need some time to rebuild your bases then apply "Truce Agreement" which will give you 12 hours of time in which nobody can attack you nor you can attack anybody. go to "My Items" then "items" to use it(If you have one there). You can not apply it when somebody has already attacked you.

23. Recall all your enemy before you teleport . If you want to teleport your city anywhere else then you have to bring back all your troops into your city. Go to reports , then army movement and recall all your troops.

24. Upgrade your beacon tower. Beacon towers notify you about any attacks on you. The more upgraded your beacon tower is the more early you get notified about the coming attacks on you. So upgrading the beacon tower in all your city is very important.

25. When creating troops in the barracks , distribute the job between all barracks. When you create troops in your barrack, check the "Sharing the production to all available barracks checkbox. You will see it at the bottom of the troop creation window. For example, if you are creating 300 archers and you have 3 level 4 barracks then each level 4 barracks will start creating 100 archers. Certainly , any barracks lower than level 4 will not share the production as minimum requirement of creating archers is level 4.

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