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Kep you town hall (TH) at level 1. You want to get heroes which are preferably level 1-3 with high stats (65+) so that you can get maximum points and level them up faster.

1. Get a high POL hero asap. Don't stop until you've found one with preferably 70+ (and a 1-3 leadership level)
2. Then get a high level INT hero, and the rest high ATK heroes (if possible get them with good INT too)

POL: reduces build times (incl. wall reinforcements) & increases Resource Production
INT: reduces research times in academy, some say it helps in medal drops (tho I say it's just a lower atk hero that goes more rounds for better medal drops)
ATK: reduce troop training times (and of course provides you with a range of attacking heroes and your city with better protection)

Switch between them just before the action and then back to POL hero straight after you're done, for maximum resource production.

Farming heros

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