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Recently there have been instances of other alliances trying to poach members from GreN.

While it is true that we are an open alliance, allowing people to freely leave, we do NOT allow any sort of poaching to take place in the GreN alliances.

If you are approached or hear of someone being approached please let SirRobin or your GreN alliance host know immediately.

Be warned: if anyone offers you a position or resources, or threatens to attack you unless you leave, please ignore them. Even if they do make good on their promises (often the promises never materialise or you have to jump through ever more hoops to get the offered reward) you will be giving up access to free resources in GreN, some of the best growth training on the all1 server, and a strong safe and reliable alliance. And as for attacks on individual members by other alliances - either we solve those through diplomacy or if it's an aggressive player we take them out.

For anyone considering poaching from GreN thinking that we can't defend our selves, we don't make threats but don't be fooled, we are not limited by the accounts that are in GreN.

Moving to another alliance can be disastrous. Be aware that a bigger alliance does not necessarily mean a safe alliance - many of the bigger alliances are constantly at war, and as such the smaller members of big alliances are free game for any opposition who will always be bigger than you are.


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