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Get your GOLD bonus today! Get your GOLD bonus today!

To receive the 500k Gold bonus:

  1. - register with the GreN evolliance portal  http://www.evolliance.com/r/all1/152334/
  2. - mail sirlargos to be activated
  3. - register with this website (click register above)
  4. - you should be automatically activated (if not mail SirRobin, Vice or Ulbrich to be activated)
  5. - log onto the GreN evolliance portal at http://www.evolliance.com/l/all1/152334/ and say hi to an admin (SirRobin, Lord Vice, sirlargos, sims)

NOTE: The challenge starts on the 18th August. Each day the amount of gold you receive drops by 50k until it reaches 250k. Anytime after that you can ask for the 250k gold bonus from your host. So register today!


Evolliance portal benefits

Chat with all GreN members, not just in your own GreN chapter. Keep up with friends even if they are in a different GreN chapter

More people on chat 24 hours of the day, means more fun & more help available for members at all time


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