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Welcome to the GreN Alliance

There are plenty of helpful & friendly people here. If you need anything, let us know on alliance chat, or mail your Hosts or Vice Hosts.

(Once you've done these, you can grab the BONUS 2mil of EACH resources. See the details once you get to the bottom of the list... THIS OFFER MAY NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE - check with your Host)


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For maximum benefits and to grow fast:

Step 1. Setup

• Please change your flag to GreN - that helps protect you
• Register with this website to access the special GreN training for all different levels )public at the moment but will be members-only soon)
• Register for the GreN Chat Portal - so you can join us for meetings & cross-alliance chat


Step 2. Mail the Host, or VH for details on where to port your city to

It's important to be close to members of your alliance for protection and for fast resources transfers.

• You can use a City Teleporter to port randomly to somewhere random within the chosen state.
• Or use a Advanced City Teleporter to port to specific coordinates (try to be fairly close to SirRobin or Lord Vice - contact them for details)


Step 3. Read the intros

  1. Read the Code of Conduct (under About Us), which members must follow
  2. Read the GreN Alliance Starter Walkthrough (for all new alliance members)


Step 4. Use Facebook

You get resources when you visit & help build other peoples cities, and also good bonuses from links, plus you can give gifts


  1. In Evony, click on the FB icon and login to your FB account or create a new one especially for your Evony account
  2. Friend your alliance members on Facebook and also ask others to link to you as well
  3. Go to your Requests page, and confirm the Ally request(s).


  1. Each time you log into your Evony account, click on the FB icon and log into your Facebook account, then refresh your Evony browser window.
  2. Check for new Ally requests or requests sent by your Allies.
  3. Go to your Home, under Friends (in the list of FB items on the left) click the Evony posts number see bonuses from others allies. Right-click and open in a new tab, one at a time and get the bonus
    • focus on getting artifacts (holy water), heroic companions (reduce upkeep), military (horses, cavalry, mercenaries, pikes) & prestige (jousting,archery comps), and then go back and do any others... You have a total of 18 bonuses you can access per day.
  4. Then refresh you Evony screen and you should see your FB Ally Bar (where the FB icon was).
    Click on each Ally and visit their city to help them with resources (you get the same bonus too for each one that you help!)
  5. Also send a gift to all your Allies (all of them can be done at the same time by clicking the Evony Allies link at the top of the list of names).
    the best gifts are speedups (beginner guidelines etc.) and Minor EXP packs (anabasis)


Step 5. Get your a high POLITICAL hero asap

  1. Create an Inn and keep it at level 1. Create a feasting Hall and level it up to 2 (and then while you're looking for heros, level it to at least 4 to start)
  2. Look for heroes in your Inn. Demolish your Inn (click red circl on the picture of the Inn) and rebuild (click the speed-up). Check again and repeat.
  3. Look for the heroes on low levels (1-5 max) who have 65+ or better stats for Politics, Attack and intelligence (their Base stat is the stats minus the level, the higher the base stat the better ie. a lvl 3 hero on base 66 will have a base stat of 63)
  4. You only need one high Politics hero (most important initially), one high Intelligence hero, and one Attack hero to start.
  5. Go and read more about heros and how to use them here. It is very important for reducing build times and increasing resource production.


Step 6. Get your free valleys!

It is also important to get a couple of high level valleys as soon as possible.

So contact SirRobin, Host or a VH and ask for your high level Lakes. They will capture them and then you can grab them using only one scout! Easy!

That will give you 70% bonus on all your food production straight away (and you should only be producing food anyway - read this)


Step 5. Done all of the above? Get your free BONUS of (now) 2mil resources of each!

Tell us your web, evo & FB account names, for a BONUS of (now) 2 million of each resource to help you on your way! [Check with Host if this is still on offer]

Ask any questions. We are here to help you grow.


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