Super Fast Prestige Growth

Disclaimer: high prestige isn't necessarily something to be sought after, since on the all1 server larger players tend to leave smaller players alone and so it's likely to attract attention more than protect you. And having high prestige and poor defensive capabilities certainly isn't a recipe for success. There maybe other benefits once you are larger, but fake prestige hasn't gotten anyone Atlantis. So know why you want it and how to use it before going down this path.


So you want to get high prestige quickly?

Then don't click that button to level up your Town Hall!

That's right, it's as simple as that... keep your Town Hall at lvl 1

But... (you ask) then I can't level up cottages high so how am I going to get enough population to grow troops? And if I can't make troops how will I grow and defend myself?

Well I said it was simple, but that's only a half-truth, because it's simple but you have to approach the game from a different perspective. All that we teach others to do in terms of growing & building etc. sort of goes out the window.


So how do I do it then?

Town Hall: Level 1

Follow all the same growth as you would normally (see Beginner's Walkthrough).

But build up to 10 cottages (as you need them) to provide population. As normal, focus on getting the quests done asap, but whereas we normally promoted growth and defense, the key to fast growth is to lvl up one (to start) barrack and then more barracks as you can to lvl 9 so you can balliastae to farm npcs with.

And of course to do all the hero quests as fast as possible while you're buiilding your town and researching in the academy.

To farm you will need lvl 5 minimum tech (mil trad, iron work, archery, compass, HBR and medicine), preferably lvl 7 or higher, particularly archery and HBR.


Already a player with multiple cities and many troops?

The following is written for Age1. In Age2 you must build a new city with TH level 1 and move all your troops & resources into one city, abandon all your other cities, and then farm for huge prestige growth.

Read this:


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