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Beginner's Walkthrough Featured

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In GreN we teach 3 main beginner principles: farms / heros / defences

Basically, to start.. don't level your Town Hall up unless absolutely necessary - the higher the TH level the less prestige you get from everything. (Click here to do super fast prestige growth - just remember that while prestige is nice to have, it doesn't help you win wars).

Farm food only (only 1 of each other) and get your farms up to lvl 5 asap, get a high political hero as Mayor asap, and start building your walls, wall reinforcements (almost all archer towers) then 100k archers and 5k swords.

And get your first city sorted (as above) before you start a new one, but start a new one as soon as that's done.


Advanced Strategies for EvonyExpert Guide to Age 2

Want to succeed in Evony Age 2? Want to play like a pro in a short time?

Then get the Advanced Evony Strategies E-Book!

Avoid the pitfalls and grow quickly with secret strategies and tips to get you om track to being a master of the game.

When you consider how much time & money you will put into Evony it is definitely worth the cost, cheaper even than a holiday package.

Get it here


Evony Spreadsheet - covers most things you need to start

or if that doesn't work for you the full link is...

Beginners should focus on the NPC Guide, Medal Farming, FB Gifts and Colonize (to get 400 colonies).


City Structure


Resources (City):

Keep 1 sawmill, 1 quarry (lvl 2 only) and 1 iron mine, but the rest only build *farms*. If you're going to do something else then do iron, but you'll need more population. As you add more cities you can specialise in each one. But in general I tend to stick to farming and buy what I need.

Why? because you can sell food consistently higher and buy lumber and iron consistently cheaper - that adds up to double the gold and thus faster growth. Ignore this at your peril. And make sure that you plan your purchases. Buy in bulk at the low side of the price ranges.

You'll need population for your resource production, but only build cottages as you need them (preferably only 6). And level up cottages and farms together.


Resource Price Ranges:

Lumber: usually 3.5 - 6.5 hi: 20 lo: 2.5

Iron: usually 2.5 - 5.5 hi:6.5 lo: 1.1

Food: usually 9.5 - 14.5 hi 16.9 lo: 0.96

Stone: usually: .009 - .05 hi 1.60 lo 0.001


Whenever there is war the prices move out of their usual range, much higher for lumber and lower for food, but the dynamics of the game on this server generally results in these ranges being re-established. Food is always in high demand on the all1 server because we have a lot of very big players who have large troop upkeep - that is not going to change anytime soon.

Also there are some fluctuations in all resources depending on what achievements are being obtained by the big players - this results in spikes and troughs - trade them for profit.

Only use excess resources to trade the market... ensure that you have enough resources to steadily and continually grow, because time in your most constant obstacle to growth. But be reasonably patient with your sales and purchase to get good prices (but don't go for extremes) that ensure you optimise your resource production and growth.


Buildings (Town):

Don't level up your Town Hall more than you need to. The higher it goes the less prestige you get from all of your activities.


1. City Build:


-Town Hall: LVL6

Needed for forests and cottage upgrade.

-Walls: LVL6-8

Wall increases the range of your defending ranged units by 4.5% per level. That's why wall level is important.

-Cottages: LVL5 x 6

Enough for production and troop training. Do not get more than 6 cottages.

-Feast Hall: LVL7

Important for accommodating good heroes.

-Rally Spot: LVL7

Medal farming, scouting and attacking.

-Inn: LVL5

Allows folk hearsay, recruit lvl20+ heroes, possibly bugged because it refreshes every minute currently.

-Academy: LVL6

Allows all important first week technologies.

-Workshop: LVL5

Allows Metal Casting 5, needed for ballistae.

-Forge: LVL6

-Marketplace: LVL2

For selling lumber and buying iron at the same time.

-Beacon: LVL7-8

LVL7 sees approximate numbers on incoming attacks, LVL8 sees exact numbers.

-Stable: LVL5

Needed for Horseback Riding 5; for NPC5 farming (Archery 8 / HBR 5).

-Relief: LVL0/1/4/5

Situational, depending on how far your cities are from each other.(don't need one if you have another in a city close by)

-Warehouse: LVL1-5

Allows Stockpile, which increases your capacity limit. Temporary towns are good for this.

-Embassy: LVL0-4

-Barracks: 2x LVL9, 2x LVL6. Rest: LVL4 barracks

The LVL9 barracks for ballys, LVL6 for transporters, LVL4 for archers. 2nd/3rd/temp towns can stay at LVL2 barracks for a bit to train scouts.


2. Technologies


Somewhat in order of importance:

1. Archery: LVL6-8.

Most important technology. Increases range of your archers/ballistae/catapults/Archer Towers.

2. Construction: LVL5-7.

The sooner you level this up, the better. Faster building.

Note: these 2 take incredibly long to research, still you need to focus on them instead of less important, shorter researches.


3. Informatics: LVL8-10.

Short research, very important to get information on your enemies and high level valleys.

4. Compass: LVL2-7.

Situational, mostly depending on your Historic Hero hunt. Explained later in this guide

5. Lumbering: LVL6-8.

Short research, gives a nice boost to your lumber production

6. Horsebackriding: LVL5-6.

You need this for ARC/HBR 8/5 - 8/6, the right combos for NPC5 farming. Also speeds up your cav looting and NPC farming.

7. Military Science: LVL5-7.

If you don't have all your barracks running 24/7, LVL5-7 will do. If they are pumping 24/7, get this to LVL9 quickly.

8. Metal Casting: LVL5.

Needed to train ballistae.

9. Mil Trad / Iron Work / Medicine: LVL4-6.

Needed for your military adventures or defenses.

12. Logistics: LVL2-5

13. Stockpile: LVL0-4


As you grow you'll want to make as many archers and ballistae as possible, so you can farm for resources, medals and gems (see medal farming).

As soon as it's safe get another city and get that academy working hard for you too - all academies share research so you only have to do each level once for all cities.

And you must have good tech levels for hitting valleys and npcs. Don't hit higher than lvl 3 of either without a tech equal to whatever lvl valley/npc you're hitting and a high (100+) atk hero with good int. Tech lvls for battle are: mil trad / iron work / archery / horse riding / compass / medicine



3. Resources:


3.1. Resource Fields


Farm Food.

If you've made more than 1 of each sawmills, iron mine or quarries, then demolish them (click the picture and demolish one level at a time to get 30% resources back) and replace with farms.

Use free speed-ups (up to lvl 4 for farms)

Note: As you build your troops and get your heroes, you should have negative gold and food income per hour.


3.2 POL hero

Get a good (but low leadership level ie. 1-3) pol hero from your inn with a high POL stat of 65+, level him up with NPC farming later. Then work on getting a high low leadership lvl high INT and ATK hero (both in one is best, but if not then separate heroes). A very good base stat (subtract leadership level from stat to work out base stat) to get in any of your heroes is 65+ - keep going until you have key heros with at least that and then upgrade the high stat only, as they get more experience. Once they hit lvl 100 they should have a very good stat.


3.3 NPC farming

Top priority. If you don't know what to research or build: go for something that works towards NPC farming with ballistae/transporters.


3.4 Market

Play the market. You can make a lot of profit by buying low and selling high.


3.5 Visiting Empires (Facebook)

You can get 30 resource packages from visiting people's empires and 8 from getting visited. If you're in a good alliance, you need to be fast, or you wont be able to get 30 packages from visiting. After Maintenance, around 04:00, you can visit people again. Especially in the first week, try your hardest to get 38 packages per day, you will need the resources. Click HERE for help on visiting empires.


3.6 Valleys

Get high level lakes to boost your food income. Find valleys without cavalry/archers in them, attack them with archers for 0 losses. If you really want to attack valleys with cavalry and/or archers in them, attack with a high INT hero and lots of warriors with layering of 1 each of pike and sword as well.


4. Rank & Title


Rose medal farming

You only need 1 valley slot for this, the other valley slots you should have higher level forests.

Get a LVL1-2 forest/flat/lake on 1 or 1.4 miles from your city.

Hold it over server maintenance so it does not level up.

Volume is the key. A round trip for 1 mile is only 2 minutes. If you do 25 waves of 6 in an hour, which is very possible, that is 150 hits. Good chance that one of those hits is a rose medal.

Do not check every hit for a rose medal. Only from time to time, check your My Items / Medals.

Get the cav from FaceBook. If your heroes run out of energy, dismiss them and get fresh ones.


Honor medal farming

In order of drop chance:

1. NPC4

2. NPC3

3. LVL9-10 valley

Simply hit NPC3-4s as much as you can. When you're done with rose medals, you could scout for LVL9-10 valleys without archers/cavalry and hit those too. Since NPC farming is slow, getting honor medals could take a while.


5. Historic Heroes


Everyone can get free info on HHs.

5 cents: Everyone starts out with this.

10 cents: Linking to FaceBook

10 cents: Correspondence

30 cents: Strategems

10 cents: Rich Store

10 cents: Folk Hearsay


If you spend money, HHs is a good thing to spend it on.


Some tips:

Don't aim for the top heroes, too many people are after them. Go for the 80-90ish attack heroes with 100+ leadership. Unknown names are best. If you are willing to spend a lot of cents on top heroes, you can go for those.

Don't spend the free cents on anything else but H-heroes.

You start with 1 teleporter and get 2 easily from quests, for a total of 3 random teleports.


Getting the H-hero:

Build up your warriors first, do not buy info before you're ready to attack a NPC4. If you feel like taking a risk, go for it when you're ready for a NPC2.

Random port to the state where the HH is. If you land really far from the NPC, use your second teleport.

If the HH is in a NPC3-4, focus your research on Compass heavily (LVL5-7), otherwise your warriors won't reach the ATs. Switch to INT gear when attacking. Make sure you have warhorn/corselet/peniciline running.


NPC1: 4,000 warriors

NPC2: 8,000 warriors

NPC3: 15,000 warriors

NPC4: 25,000 warriors


These are minimum amounts you should attack with, more is better obviously. You will also need warriors to spam with. You can either long range hit it, or build a HUB next to the NPC. Some luck is obviously involved in this process. If you hit it too soon, you may lose all your troops without capping the hero; if you wait too long, someone else may beat you to the hero. Odds per hit to capture the HH is about 3-5%

Always check Hero Statistics before losing your warriors on a NPC.


IMPORTANT: This is a top priority. Get an attack HH as soon as possible, before they are all gone. More on THIS thread later


Correct Town Structure

Stage I

Getting the right combination of structures up is important, having too many cottages and not enough barracks is the biggest problem people have.

Your strength in this game comes for your military force which is why you need to be able to produce them first, however most people make the biggest mistake of thinking they need a lot of population so they can have a big army, which is incorrect. With 6 cottages, once they reach Lv9, you will have 27k population which is enough to create armies if you set you production to 0 each time you build men so you have access to more population.

You first Basic Set up should be

    • 6 cottages (Iron Towns Need 8 cottages)
    • 15 Barracks
    • *1 Inn
    • 1 Feasting Hall
    • 1 Rally Point
    • 1 Beacon Tower
    • 1 Embassy
    • 1 Market
    • 1 Academy
    • *1 Forge
    • 1 Workshop
    • *1 Stable
    • 1 Relief Station


Stage 2

Once you have Built up Several buildings it will allow you to Demolish some now useless buildings

Once you now have a Lv9/Lv10 Workshop you may demolish your Forge. (Depending on how many Scripts you have, will determine if you go Lv9 or Lv10 as well as Lv10 only useful if you have Lv10 Gear.)

You now have a Lv8 or 10 Relief Station, You may demolish your Stables. (Depending on how many Scripts you have, will determine if you go Lv8 or Lv10, Lv10 takes a lot of time, its recommended you do this at Lv8 you can always rebuild stables later if needed to get it to Lv10)

You now have a Lv9 or 10 Feasting Hall, You may demolish your Inn. (Depending on how many Scripts you have, will determine if you go to Lv10 or not)





General Beginners


Workshop & Star Levels


Medal Farming




Lost Armor Scripts






michaelangelo scripts





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