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Keep your suppression settings at 0, keeping your gates closed on regular cities, and properly protecting yourself against scout bombs are 3 ways to do this.

If you keep your suppression settings high, then an enemy can kill your troops through your colony. YOUR troops will fight at the COLONY's tech levels and behind the colonies walls. Absolutely no colony is worth losing lots of troops for.

Keep almost no troops in your level 10's because there is nothing legitimate an enemy can do to hurt you. Just make sure to remove your heroes, and they cannot sow them.


Being Colonized

If an enemy ever tries to colonize you.... there are some very easy ways to get uncolonized

  1. Remove your academy and your tech lvls become zero therefore making the Suzerain more vulnerable. It puts your archery level to 0, which allows the new attacking archers to out-range the defending archers
  2. Leave the alliance, and let an alliance mate attack you

The third thing, protecting against scout bombs, is to keep enough warriors in your city to cover your other troops. Scout Bombs will hit the Highest Accumulative attack lvl troop type. SO if you have mainly archers, a warrior has an attack of 50, and an archer has an attack of 120 so you need, at minimum, 3 warriors per archer (ie. if you have 100k arch you need 300k to protect them). The Scout bomb will hit the warriors

To see what the point level of each troop is, in your barracks, put your mouse over the picture of the troop, and it gives you the base stat, sp using our above example, doing the sums you get 100k x 120 (archers) = 12 million. 300k (warriors) x 50 = 15 million total attack points.

Now, it's not only archers and warriors that you must be concerned about. Don't overload your cities with ballista, and you may possibly have an higher attack value say on pikes, so if I have 100k pikes and 100k archers I should use the pikes attack value which is more, so in that case scouts would hit the pikes.


Building More Troops

Assuming Lvl 10 everything including tech levels, remove these buildings, replace with Barracks:

  1. Once the relief station is lvl 10 you don't need a stable, and once the Workshop is built you no longer need the forge.
  2. You can remove the WS, it's not really necessary in the extra cities.
  3. If you have two or more cities close together and you're willing to move troops around, you can just keep one Relief Station, and only one Marketplace.



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